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Field Group & Research Teams(Life Science)


Life science has a significant impact on our health and well-being and is an important science area that directs us to find a solution for food and energy issues as a fundamental technology. “Life Science” as a priority theme pushes and precedes the edge of technical possibility, mainly in protein synthesis and life science itself.

Field Group

Life Science Group

Cutting edge research in the field of life science

Our group is performing cutting edge researches in the field of life s…[More


Research teams

Life Science 1 Misawa Team

Interdisciplinary research initiative of optical science for clarifying in-vivo signaling mechanism

Owing to its high affinity with other research areas, optical science …[More


Life Science 2 Mizutani Team

Research on emerging viral infectious diseases outbreaks in the near future

Our aims are understanding mechanism of recombination between two diff…[More


Life Science 3 Ogino Team

Development of functional nano-capsules and materials for drug delivery systems and other applications

Prof. Ma, the director of National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engin…[More


Life Science 4 Tanaka Team

Development of AI Technologies for Biomedical Informatics and Its Applications

Recent advances of AI have been mainly developed based on machine lear…[More