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Research Teams(Energy)

Research Teams(Life Science)

Strategic Research Initiative for Interdisciplinary Fields


Food is one of the critical challenges that the international community is facing. Particularly, food shortage afflicts many people live mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. Since those problems relate closely with global environmental concerns, “Food” as a priority field tackles with food production and environmental science to solve the issues.[more]


Rising energy consumption on a world-scale of recent years is expected to continue, energy issues should be therefore placed as a great challenge facing humanity. “Energy” as a priority field addresses energy problems based on the application of capacitor, LED, and ionic liquids with adding a new dimension to those research.[more]

Life Science

Life science has a significant impact on our health and well-being, and is an important science area that direct us to a solution of food and energy issues as a fundamental technology. “Life Science” as a priority field pushes and proceeds the edge of technical possibility mainly in protein synthesis and life science itself.[more]

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