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Field Group & Research Teams(Food)


Food is one of the critical challenges that the international community is currently facing. Particularly, food shortages afflict many people living mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. Because these problems relate closely with global environmental concerns, “Food” as a priority theme encompasses both food production and environmental science to solve these issues.

Field Group

Food Group

Research in advanced utilization of plant biomass

It is very important to highly utilize plant biomass as renewable and …[More


Research teams

Food 1 Yokoyama Team

Research and development for increasing yields of rice, soybean and vegetables using advanced biofertilizer technology and their genome information

Main Research 1: Development of cultivation technology combining Monst…[More


Food 2 Shibutani Team

Elucidation of biological functions aimed at maintaining health · overcoming various diseases and searching for control methods

This Strategic Research Team is aimed at developing functional foods f…[More


Food 3 Takada Team

Impact Assessment of Microplastics in Marine Ecosystems

Flux of plastics into the ocean has been increasing, and if no measure…[More


Food 4 Gomi Team

Research and development of green infrastructure for resilient rural areas

Water resources management including mitigation of floods and drought…[More


Food 5 Umezawa Team

Functional and biochemical interactions between abiotic and biotic stress responses in plants

Plant growth is often limited by adverse environmental conditions, whi…[More


Food 6 Koike Team

Researches on biodiversity-friendly and sustainable natural resource management in terrestrial ecosystems.

Recently, the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natu…[More