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Field Group & Research Teams(Energy)


The rising energy consumption on a global scale in recent years is expected to continue, and energy issues should therefore be considered to be a great challenge facing humanity. “Energy” as a priority theme addresses energy problems according to the application of capacitors, LED, and ionic liquids, while adding a new dimension to these research areas.

Field Group

Energy Group

Development of energy technologies for energy conservation and low carbon societies

● Growth of wide-bandgap semiconductor crystals for realization of hig…[More


Research teams

Energy 1 Ogasawara Team

Development of next generation ultra-light mobility

Green mobility technologies such as energy saving, low carbon emission…[More


Energy 2 Tominaga Team

Development of polymeric materials for flexible energy conversion/storage devices

Tominaga team focuses on the consistent basic research from material s…[More


Energy 3 Terada Team

A new nitrogen management system in water/wastewater treatment

To ensure sufficient amount of freshwater resource in the 21st century…[More